An adobe XD project, where the brief was to create a user experience of of a hypothetical power automation website. The design was based on research and the creation of User Personas, User Scenarios, and background research on the future possibilities of technology and home automation. I did this as a pair project with @KalebCampbell

  • Employer: University Project
  • Website: View XD file
  • Completed: June 2019

Initial Research

Existing Solutions

There currently are a few partial solutions to this problem, as outlined in the project brief there are smart plugs, which both monitor and control energy consumption of devices. The user needs to buy the plug, connect the device to the plug, and then install software (i.e. homekit by apple)...

Business objectives

With the steady rise in home automation there is definitely a gap in the market for this sort of energy interface. The way technology is moving leads many to believe that in the next decade or so, there will be nearly complete, if not complete automation. A interface where an individual can maintain their energy usage...


The system is important to stakeholders, as more than ever before people are able to directly see where and how they are using electricity. It educates the public, which in turn will help the stakeholders have a better understanding of what new zealanders need, and how each demographic uses electricity differently...

User Scenarios

A series of scenarios a user may need out of a home automation site, this includes: Checking power consumption, checking costs against other companies, viewing appliance history, paying bills online, turning off a device, recieving updates on outages, checking bills, accessing help documentation, creating accounts, adding devices, and more.

User Personas

In order to generate our personas, we looked at the breakdown of consumers who use power. We ruled out dependants and the homeless, people living in hostels, and companies, groups of power users who would likely not use the product. This leaves either homeowners or renters - as this is the majority of civilians in New Zealand we chose our personas from the common households in the census (https://www.stats.govt.nz/topics/households ). The thing about power use, is everyone needs power - therefore you cannot really refine down too much in terms of who to look at for personas. We then thought about if we knew anyone that fit these stereotypes, we knew of two people one of which was a family home and a student persona so we interviewed them and used them as our personas, we did exaggerate on some points to try and make them overall fit better into the project.

We picked The persona Marama Rhymes, as she represents the biggest demographic in households in New Zealand, which is families. You can see this on stats.nz (https://www.stats.govt.nz/topics/households ). In 2018 the amount of families in New Zealand housing is 1,130,6000 which is why this is the most important user persona.

The second most popular household demographic, is a single person living alone. This is why we chose Alex, a single male living alone as the next most important demographic. The amount of households in New Zealand who are a single person, is 439,000 people.

The next demographic is “other multi-person households”, this is where our personas Jim (Jim and Sally, retired couple) and Veronica (flatting situation) fit in. The population of these households is significantly less, at 79,000. But it is still important they are represented. We specifically wanted to include veronica - as we personally identify the most with her situation, as we ourselves are flatting, and students.

In order to come up with the scenarios, we went through similar websites to see what common actions a user would do. I.e. the main visible tabs that the power companies had in common. This is why we picked things such as, help documentation and FAQ. As it was clearly something that users would often need - and all the power companies had clearly defined on their websites.


Alex Howard is a 24 year old young professional, currently working as a software developer at a local tech firm in Wellington. He lives alone in a two bedroom apartment...


Jim is an 70 year old pensioner, he lives with his wife Sally in a two bedroom unit in Lyall Bay. Jim has been retired for 7 years, but he used to work as an...


Marama is a 33 year old stay at home mother, she has just had her fourth child. She currently has two children who are school aged, and one who attends kindy...


Veronica is 19 years old and currently in her first year flatting. She flats with four other girls and is currently studying a Bachelors of Science...

Model Overviews

One the left, is the UML map of the user's possible journies through the site. This UML map is based on the user scenarios above.

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