Project Background

This is the myNZTE notification design process. When a new article is posted, a new quiz is added, or if NZTE needs to get a message to its customers, this is how they do it.

The importance of a notification system for business owners

While I was working at NZTE, the pandemic was starting to develop. This bought to light the importance of an engaging notification system, to get NZTE's statements to the customers in a fast and efficient manner.

At this point, we had a notification design already. It was important to re-visit, now that we knew notifications were going to be a necessary feature of the new portal.

I started off by researching other effective methods of notification design. This includes Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other notification system designs. You can see this below.

Current notification design

To start off below is the initial design I started with. This design is consistent with our other portal designs. I decided it was important to include the elements that are already there, just make them more descriptive and engaging. Some elements can be improved on here, such as the differentiation between the different types of notification (article, quiz, market guide, etc), and the hierachy.

Initial ideas

From here, I came up with a few variations, You can see them below. I think it is important to include the images in the notifications, as it gives the user further recognition on the articles or market guides as they appear as notifications. One thing that I ended up needing to consider, was the cropping. As NZTE is a crown entity, careful consideration must be given to cropping images for cultural reasons, i.e in Maori culture cropping heads is Tapu.

For this reason, my preferences for article notifications would be the 5th one down. The preference for alerts is the second one down.

Designing further iterations

I decided to continue with developing the above iterations, in different scenarios. It was important to look past the notification itself, and also into the whole page. As you can see below, I played around with sectioning the notifications off. Some factors I needed to consider were how many notifications the user might be bombarded with if they only checked their account every six months. In this case, it would be important to have the alerts at the top, in case there are pages of notifications to sort through.

Below I have included all of my further designs.

Final Design

This design was my favorite, as it is organised and aligns with the government web standards. It also brings through the engaging imagery from the articles and market guides, as well as highlighting important alerts.

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