This was my first project with NZTE, the brief was to put together a simple website, which would act as a digital prospectus on New Zealand wood processing. The intial idea was to use Adobe Spark, however as you can see below we ended up using Wix as there were too many limitations with Spark.

  • Investment at a Sector Level
  • Why NZ, why would you invest, why this industry, niche in the sector, regions
  • Note: ‘Wood Processing’ used to be called ‘Forestry’
  • Life cycle of the prospectus = 2-3 years, with approx updates every 3 months
  • Brand: NZ Business brand
  • Audience
  • Investing in NZ (e.g. startups)
  • Investing in ‘green fields’ (e.g. large scale - hotels, tourism - gondolas, forestry - logging factories, large high value dairy factories)
    • Employer: New Zealand trade and Enterprise
    • Website: View on Wix
    • Completed: December 2019


    I first started by researching the options for making the site. Initially we wanted to use adobe spark, I put together a test site and did a pros/cons list on the functionality. You can see the test site Here

    Adobe Spark Research

    Intial Sketches

    At this point, I realised that Adobe Spark was not going to work, as it had a lot of limitations and we had a lot of content which we needed to display. A core limitation of adobe spark is you can only have one page, and it would have been a bad user experience for the user to scroll through everything wasn't relevent.

    So Adobe spark was out - what next? We decided to go with wix.com as an option for a microsite. Below are my wireframe drawings of what I imagined a multi page microsite would look like in relation to our content.

    After making the wireframes, I went straight into making the site. This was because wix is so quick and easy to use!

    View Final Site Here

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