This was part of the customer portal project. The audience is customers who are wanting to see the gaps in their companies. For example, a company who is at an early export stage may take this test about ecommerce, the test will show what level they are at in their export journey and what areas they can improve on. I did the UX elements of this, which includes begining ideation and customer testing. The final UI designs were passed onto a contractor to complete so I have not included them here.

  • Employer: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Invision Link: Here
  • Completed: January 2020

Initial Designs

I started by putting together what I imagined a quiz would look like, I looked at Duo lingo quizes for inspiration, amongst others. These images below are a snapshot of the 18 part quiz, with the report at the end. The report was one of the main things I focused on, I wanted to give the customer a very detailed benchmark as to where they were in their journey, compared to our metrics as well as other businesses who had taken the test.

Customer Testing

This is my customer testing notes, we interviewed three types of customers. Overall the feedback was really good and there were only a few things that needed to change.

Things that changed based on this customer feedback:

  • security declaration at the start
  • Separated the results from the rest of the timeline
  • Consider defining the labels further
  • Changed to primary customer base.
  • made select all that apply bold
  • made /18 the same size.
  • Made 5 minutes remaining section more defined
  • integrate comment box
  • defined similar companies
  • created download button
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