Project Background

This is myNZTE's digital content guidelines. Included in this documentation, is a rundown on how to use, upload, and structure the contentful articles, best practices, cultural considerations, taxonomy, and more.

What are the content guidelines?

This project was part of MyNZTE. I began this project towards the end of the development process of the new customer portal. We had built a powerful portal, and we were in the process of migrating content from the old contentful system. We realized that the content we were migrating was inconsistent, and in some cases outdated, there was also a team of copywriters working on this project, without a concrete set of rules around format and imagery. To solve this issue, I was to put together documentation around these consistencies, as well as cultural considerations in web and article design.

For this project, I had the responsibility of collaborating with various different teams and compiling their knowledge into one tell-all resource. After this experience, I can confidently say I am a contentful whiz, and very informed on government content practices.

You can view the documentation here

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