A bit about Me!

Hi, My name is Emily!

I'm a Junior UX/UI designer, with a passion for the customer experience. My design philosophy is from design to development, I think it's important for a designer to know as much as possible about the developent process - which is why I studied Computer Science alongside design. With my degree in Media Design and Computer Science, I can take on whatever gets thrown at me!

I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in mid 2019. My qualification is a Bachelors in Design Innovation, majoring in Media Design and minoring in Computer Science. Some of my favourite subjects I learned throughout my degree are Artificial Intelligence, User Interface Design, App Development, Web Design, User experience Design, and Creative Coding.

Unlike a lot of new graduates, I have had the priviledge of professional experience. In 2019 I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at a Californian SaaS company called Zapier, where I worked on API integrations (Zapier is an amazing workflow automation tool, check it out here!). During my final year of study I chose to work for the University as an Academic tutor, tutoring subjects such as Creative Coding and Interaction Design. In November 2019 I began working at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, I started off as an UX intern, but was quickly promoted to UX Designer. Working here has fueled my passion for design, as I have recieved fantastic mentorship in an agile team. Since NZTE, I have worked at a Design Agency called CodeClouds. If you want to read about my job history and skills, check out my About page. Going forwards I am interested in pursuing my career in an agile team. I am currently looking for my next opportunity, flick me an email if you are interested in working with me!

In my spare time I like to paint, embroid, knit, and do all things creative. If you are curious what I get up to outside of work - check out my blog here.

E m a i l M e R e s u m e

Work Experience

VICTORIA UNIVERSITY     -     2016-2019


Bachelors of Design Innovation

I Majored in Media Design and Minored in Computer Science. Some of my favourite subjects I learned throughout my degree are: User Interface Design, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Web Design, User experience Design, and Creative Coding.

Academic Tutor

Media Design

I tutored 100 and 200 level classes, Creative Coding I, and Interaction Design. In these classes, I took a group of approximately 30 students and tutored them in the content, which involves UI/UX methodologies, graphic design, and front end coding.

ZAPIER    -     2018-2019

Software Engineering Intern

I worked for a Californian software (SaaS) company called Zapier. The work was mostly remote although I often worked with a small team based in Wellington. In this job, I gained significant experience in javascript and node, along with a variety of other skills. Through this job, I also gained experience in SaaS tech support.


UX Designer Intern

I worked for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as a UX/UI Designer, this role included doing UX and UI web design work for the internal customer site, and graphic design. This is an agile team, known as the customer portal project.

UX Designer

This is a step up from my intern role, although I am doing many of the same things. I worked here as an Independent contractor.

CODECLOUDS    -     2020 - 2021

UX/UI Designer, Independent Contractor

I am on a 6 month contract, ending in January 2021. This role consists of doing UI and UX work, for emerging clients, mostly based in the United States. This role also consists of Graphic Design.

Contact Me

I'm always looking to improve, if you have an opinion on my portfolio I would love to hear it!

+64 226231 772